Image by Ryoji Iwata


no pressure no diamonds

I am a freelance facilitator, coach, consultant among other things, working across a broad range of industries, geographies and capabilities and my adaptability and diversity of experience is reflected in the wealth of knowledge I bring. 

Prior to starting my own business, I held diverse roles within Telstra, ranging from managing a call centre to the assessment and feedback of hundreds of front line leaders. I have  a broad consulting background and have worked with many leading organisations to build leadership capacity either through facilitation of learning, feedback or coaching.  I have designed and delivered hundreds of leadership programs and have facilitated groups from front line leaders to CEO's and worked with thousands of people from all industries. 

I work extensively to assist clients to identify and accelerate the development of employees.  Using a range of assessment tools including personality profiling, 360-degree multirater instruments, psychometric assessment tools, and “day in the life” assessment centres, I have assessed individual strengths and development opportunities, and helped organisations to enhance their performance through their people.

In addition to my work at an organisational level, I have worked building capability through one on one coaching and group coaching in both the public and private sector.