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We need people to run our business so it is successful, right? So it makes sense to invest in people as much as we invest in our infrastructure. No person (unless you are a psychopath) wakes up in the morning making a commitment to ruin someone's day. However, most of us have negatively impacted or been negatively impacted by, oversight or misdirected good intentions. 


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Working with you on - Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Communication, Teams, Personality Profiles, Facilitation, Feedback.

Consulting is a motherhood statement that does not really reflect what I do or who I am. I converse intellectually, with experience and humour. I ask what you need and offer suggestions as to how you may meet that/those needs. I hold you accountable for providing the environment that is required to support any development of one or more people or investment you may make. So why do you need me then? To provide the knowledge, skills, experiences your people need to help them help you.

I have been a freelance facilitator, coach, consultant among other things for more than 15 years, working across a broad range of industries and geographies.  My adaptability and diversity of experience are reflected in the breadth of my client base which encompasses nearly all business streams.

I have worked in the US, South East Asia and New Zealand and also been a pioneer in the use of Virtual Classroom Sessions to facilitate programs or coach leaders of people. I have a broad consulting background and worked with many leading organisations to build leadership capacity either through the facilitation of learning, feedback or coaching.  I have designed and delivered hundreds of leadership and communication programs.

I have worked extensively to assist clients to identify and accelerate the development of their high potential employees.  Using a range of assessment tools including 360-degree multirater instruments, psychometric assessment tools, and “day in the life” assessment centres, I have assessed individual strengths and development opportunities and helped organisations enhance their performance through their people.

In addition to my work at an organisational level, I have built capability through one on one coaching and group coaching in both the public and the private sector and am on the coaching panel of several organisations.   Examples of my coaching include working with a private sector CEO to build his emotional intelligence and self-reflection; working with a public sector acting CEO to provide 360-degree behavioural feedback, and working with a senior leadership team of a financial services group in both an individual and collective capacity.



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Expert Guidance

Do you value education in the workplace as much as you should? "Not another training program" is a common participant comment and attitude but the accountability does not lie solely with the participant. Leadership attitudes and expectations impact the participants' attitude greatly. If you want your people to have a fun informative reflective learning experience...

Implementation Planning








The path to understanding ourselves and others

The word diversity is everywhere and is a major focus of workplaces. Personalities are diverse and sometimes overlooked in the workplace when there are more pressing imperatives. Understanding your personality type, whether it is through MBTI, DISC, HOGAN, OPQ or others, can be a major factor in people learning to work together. Similarities bind us and differences stretch us. Showing people how that stretch is beneficial can positively impact relationships and consequently, results. Interested?

Finance Consultancy






Tell it like it is

I have two opinions on 360s. 1) Wouldn't it be nice if we could teach and expect all our people to seek and give open honest candid development feedback in a way that does not break anyone's heart? If we did that, 360s would not be needed. 2) Sometimes the only way for someone to get a clear message is to provide it anonymously so as not to fracture relationships. A good 360 will NEVER hide a managers' ratings. I have conducted thousands of 360 debriefs and mastered the art of delivering content with humour, grace, wisdom and welcoming input, investigation and considerations of others. If you are wanting to run 360 surveys...

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A coach does not tell you what to do, rather, they facilitate your own awareness of what you can do.

Coaching is an incredibly simple approach to guiding someone toward success in new and/or challenging situations. Don't wait till someone stuffs up then react,  set them up to succeed. Coaching covers both. One is less threatening than the other. Which one...


You did such an incredible job Barb, and the impact data speaks for itself! Katherine was blown away by the results, as was the whole DDI Australia business and some key people overseas, too…I hope you’re proud of this work. The rest of us in Melbourne felt amazing just being connected to it in some way, but you were the one who took these groups on this incredibly transformative development journey and were their guide the whole way. You should be absolutely chuffed about the difference you’ve made.

Sophia Andritsos General Manager DDI Victoria

One of the best programs I have attended over the years. Barb was a great facilitator.”
“The program was fantastic: it personally touched me and can without a doubt be applied in my role. It will improve both my professional and personal skills in dealing with others and my attitude towards my role and its interactions with my peers and reports.”
“I loved the way the whole group interacted and got involved, it made it much more interesting and enjoyable. Barb was a fantastic mentor and guide for the 3 days and gave fantastic advice.”

Workshop participants

"Thanks Barbara. I really enjoyed last Friday and I’m impressed with the way you are able to keep the group switched on through what is quite a mentally challenging day. As I said to (the M.D.), that would have been the first time ever, that we have had such a broad group of our staff working through some of the problems they have. I mean that in terms of talking to other staff that they would never normally seek out for these types of problems. It seems to have created a huge support network that I don’t see that we could have created by any other method. I, personally, am very pleased with the way the training is progressing. I went home on Friday night with a real sense of achievement and you don’t often get that with training sessions."

H.R. Manager Utilities company

“You have such a wonderful balance of warmth, grace and candour with the meaty conversations we have. You might talk the EI talk but you walk the EI walk as well! I always come away feeling challenged and invigorated, thank you”

Senior Leadership Team Member – Financial Services



Standing Meeting

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